The world's most expensive military watches

The most expensive military watches ever sold at the Christie's auction in Geneva for $1,734,862. This is a Patek Phillipe purchased by the Swiss Museum. According to Patek Phillipe's file, this military watch was made in 1936 and sold later on September 28 of the same year. It is rumored to be a 55mm prototype, very unique and the only one available. It features a black lacquered dial, Arabic numerals made of luminescent material, and an hour hand that rotates only once every 24 hours. expensive military watches are often more expensive than regular watches because they are more rugged and offer many of the features and functions not found in ordinary watches. However, the price of some tactical watches is indeed extravagant. The history of military tactical watches dates back to the late 19th century, when the German Imperial Navy used the first military watch. So far, the most expensive military watch has been sold at an astonishing price of $1.7 million. This watch was created in 1936 and is a reef tiger. It has bright Arabic numerals, a black lacquered dial and a 55 mm case. Here are some of the other most expensive military watches: Swiss Army mens military watches This expensive military watch is made by the Swiss Army with a black dial, luminous green markers and numbers. It has a rotating one-way bezel and has an auto-winding chronograph movement. The crystal of this watch is anti-reflective and scratch-resistant. Its price is $2,300. ACCIAIO's Luminor Submersible This expensive swiss military watchesis made up of a steel bezel and a 44mm polished steel case for $7,200. It produces shock resistance through the Incabloc mechanism. Its mechanical movement is automatically generated by 21 jewels and a balancing system made of metal Glucydur. The power reserve lasts for 42 hours and the watch has a time calculation function. Features include an automatic movement, date and date functions, and a chronograph. The strap is made of original leather and the watch is water resistant. The total amount of gold on this military watch is about 108.25 grams. This watch meets the requirements of the U-boat specification, the most advanced submarine of Kriegsmarine (the German Navy during World War II). This watch features an automatic movement and the crystal is made of sapphire for scratch resistance. The two dials are superimposed on each other and there is a ruby ​​on one of the dials. The strap is made of black leather crocodile leather with black diamonds near the buckle. Its price? Up to $100,000.