Buy the best US military watch

US Special Forces is one of the most trained and capable military personnel in any country in the world. Each department of the military has its own department, “organizing, training and equipping to implement and support special operations”. What is the US military watches they wear? Today's special forces must have equipment that is rigorously produced and fully tested. The operation can be carried out in any climate and in a variety of harsh environments. Therefore, what is certain is that the military watches worn by these elite soldiers on the battlefield will meet the needs of some of the toughest and most unfriendly places on the planet. So, which military watches can meet these standards? This is something you may not know: due to the First World War, mens military watches only became mens fashion accessories. Before the First World War, watches were considered a fashion choice for women. Men will bring pockets. However, for the battlefield, the soldiers began to convert these pocket watches into wrists for easy carrying. It was not until the Second World War that the military began to issue standard watches for their personnel. However, soldiers and officers who were enlisted often preferred themselves. For obvious reasons, the field military watches released by the military has almost no flash and style, but is manufactured for simple use and fast synchronization. In today's military, the function is still considered to be fashionable. It was first released in 1964 and is the official specification for military watches. It has been revised seven times, most recently in 1999. Specifications cover a range of details, from case materials to magnetic and waterproof standards. There are also separate specifications for watches that are primarily used for navigation or diving. The first batch of specifications in 1964 clearly showed that these military watches should not be of the highest quality and should not last forever. The scope statement clearly states that the watch is not suitable for situations where “high precision” is required and the watch is not intended for maintenance support. In other words, these watches are not expected to last forever. These original US military tactical watches can be used for minimal waterproof and shockproof. As long as they can tell the wearer (about) time, day or night, they are enough for the military. These modifications have upgraded the expectations of best US military watches since those initial specifications were passed down by military brass. In 1999, more stringent military specifications were published. Today, in order for the military to think of a watch that can be used, it must be able to survive in harsh deserts and barren tundra. Marathon military navigators are manufactured according to these latest Class III, Tier 1 US government regulations. Originally designed by Marathon at the request of Kelly Air Force Base officials, the watch wanted a military watch that could withstand extreme changes in temperature, pressure and altitude.